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The Quranic Foundation and Structure of Muslim Society (In 2 Volumes) by Maulana Dr. Fazlur Rahman Ansari




We now live in Ākhir al-Zamān when divinely-ordained tests and trials have unfolded in the world to separate those who long to be faithful to the truth which is located in the divinely-revealed scriptures, from those whose loyalties lie elsewhere. It is already clear that most of mankind are failing those tests and trials, and that the believers who would remain faithful to that truth would have to reconstruct Muslim society themselves in small communities disconnected from an already godless world. Around the world today, and in particular in the towns and cities, society is in a state of collapse, and the masses grow constantly poorer. A new slavery is descending on mankind. But there will always be those who will not surrender to a godless oppressor, and whose capacity to resist godlessness and oppression constantly inspires them—in response to Iqbal’s call—to
reconstruct Islamic society, civilization, and religious thought.

While Volume 1 of this book presents the Quranic response to western war on Islam, and argues the rational credentials of truth in Islam, it is Volume 2 which presents a blue-print of the divine guidance that is located in the Qur’ān for pursuing such reconstruction of Muslim society. It does so in such a systematic way that it makes that effort easier to pursue. This book ought to be studied with great care by those who long for the reconstruction of both Islamic religious thought, as well as Muslim society, in today’s world of godlessness and relentless of oppression.


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