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The Quranic Method of Curing Alcoholism and Drug Addiction




Only one religious community in the entire history of mankind, i.e., the community of Muslims who follow Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, was prohibited from consuming wine and other such intoxicating beverages. The reason for this is probably located in the role that alcoholic drinks would play in Ākhir al-Zamān as a weapon of Dajjāl. It is Dajjāl who delivered travel by air, and hence airports—and it is he who ensured that travelers would be welcomed, and bid farewell, at every airport, with endless shops selling duty-free alcohol. The inevitable consequence was that alcohol addiction would become a universal plague at that time. It was, perhaps, for this reason, that one community amongst mankind, was reserved to function as both a role model for addicts, as well as a religious clinic which could cure the addict at no cost. Those who are blessed to enter Jannah were informed that rivers of delicious non-intoxicating wine awaited them.
This book explains that Quranic method of curing alcoholism and drug addiction through a stage-by-stage process. In the process of curing the addict, truth in the religion of those who follow Prophet Muhammad S.A.W would display credentials that would dazzle mankind.


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